Friday, January 27, 2012

#88 Stiff Arm Tactics (June 2009)

One of the most difficult aspects of this job is trying to find something to write about for this particular column. It would be great if I could just whip up something inspiring, creative or just witty at a moments notice. If I complain about anything here, I get all kinds of mail telling me to stop whining. But a rant on a subject is better than just a blank page. So this issue, it’s not going to be so much of an editorial as a “what I did on my day off after getting back from Daytona.”
Because while in Daytona, I finally scored one of the new Baker straight-arm kickers I have been lusting after since I saw the first raw prototype over at Baker central almost a year ago. The lovely and gracious Trish (the BAKER marketing and events gal and resident Cool Chick) presented it to me the first evening in Daytona, which instantly made the whole trip worthwhile. “So what” I hear you say. “It’s just a kicker arm.” Well yes it is, but it is one I have certainly been waiting for. “Why” you say? Well as you may or may not be aware, the BAKER six speed overdrive transmission is a might wider than the original four-speed it replaced. The stock kicker arm has a curve to it in order to clear the exhaust pipe when at full ‘kick’ but with the extra width of the six-speed, it’s just not needed. In fact it sorta sticks out quite a bit, sometimes getting in the way when sitting on the bike and using foot power to move forward, resulting in that wonderful ‘ratcheting’ noise when the engine is running.
I’ll include some before and after pictures here, I won’t insult your intelligence by doing a ‘how to’ unbolt the old and bolt on the new. Suffice to say the new unit cranked down nicely with no wobble on the kicker shaft.
It’s a nice piece, very well made with nice pedal swing-out action.
Unless you live under a rock somewhere, you’ll already know that is the home for these fine pieces or 877 640 2004.

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